The Young Women’s Christian Council is an organization of young women, 18-40 married or single, whose prime purpose is to dedicate themselves in an effort to given greater Christian service. It is during this peak period that the arms of the church reaches out to them because they need the church and the church needs them. This stage of life, with its many passions, successes, and oft-times depressions, necessitates a firm concentration on God. This is the training station to be auxiliary leaders, prayer warriors, good homemakers, and lovers of their own husbands, minister’s wives and mighty women of Zion.

There is no limit to the contributions of the Church’s mission to this well organized group. They are an asset to the local church, the pastor, the district, the state and also the national work. the YWCC is an alert group of women, close observers who are on the lookout for opportunities to minister and to express themselves in constructive ways.

In addition to spiritual growth and development there are other matters that are vital concern to this age group. Preparing for a mate, home building, decorating, meal planning, child care and development, teenage problems, marital problems, divorce, in-laws and many others. This group explores the Christian approach to these life situations as well as discuss the Christian mode of conduct, which must be practiced.

The YWCC also practice fellowship, cooperation, unity and a feeling of being on the teach, which arises from talking, eating and socializing together. The YWCC are organized and prepared to minister to women in various phases of life.

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